• PDF Automation Server

    PDF Automation Server

    PDF Automation Server

    Streamline document workflows and circulation in your organization with PDF Automation Server

PAS Workflow Module

Workflow Module

Automate your business and document workflows with an easy to use graphical interface. Design and build complex automation flowcharts that easily integrates into 3rd party services.


  • Graphical drag & drop interface
  • Integrate with 3rd party apps using REST
  • Advanced event logging & search tools
  • Error & trouble handling notifications
  • Cross platform: Windows, Linux, macOS & unix machines
  • Professional tech support
  • Powerful PDF processing built in
  • Accept inputs from multiple sources
  • Sort & route jobs using logical operators
  • XML data extraction tools
  • Support for multiple destinations
  • Full Java node for fully customizable nodes

Powerful easy to use interface

Easy to use drag and drop functionality, allows you to build faster without the need to write code. Select nodes from the searchable palette and drag them onto flow. PAS even comes packaged with predefined templates to easily get you started with popular tasks.

Workflow Editor

Automate Your Document Workflows

Save time and money by fully automating repetitive document processing workflows. Advanced logic tools allow automatic document routing to different outputs. Multiple inputs into single flow prevents duplicate work for the same process. Easily scales to fit future processing needs.

Integrate with external services

Powerful HTTP node allows for easy external app integration through REST calls. Build dynamic requests based on workflow variables to easily integrate with third party services. Integrate with common services such as SalesForce, Microsoft Azure & more or connect to Databases and any common application that supports REST protocols.

Powerful PDF Processing built in

Comes packaged with Qoppa’s leading PDF processing libraries that provide an extensive list of nodes covering every aspect of PDF processes. Nodes include PDF creation, conversion, printing, digital signatures, filling interactive forms, PDF markups, text extraction, PDF/A preflight, optimization and more…

Custom Java node

For even more customization use the Java node and PDF Automation Server API to integrate your own custom coding solution into the flow. Import external libraries and have full access to the Java API to create any solution to fit your needs.

Deploy on any platform

Compatible with any operating system PDF Automation Server can be installed on Windows, Linux, macOS & Unix machines. The PAS Manager is fully cross platform compatible so you can deploy on a headless remote Linux server and then manage the server, create jobs and more from any other OS if needed.

Workflow Samples

PDF Optimization

Reduce document sizes automatically

PrePress Industry

Convert and Verify PDF/A compliance

XML Data Extraction

Use XPath to extract and process XML data

Form Fields

Export / Import form field data