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    Qoppa Software offers a suite of carefully designed and developed products to cover every aspect of PDF processes and document workflows.

PDF Software for the Printing, Media & Publishing Industry

Welcome Printing, Media & Publishing Professionals!

Qoppa Software’s high quality software can help you deliver PDF printing and manipulation capability with your printing and publishing solutions.

Printing and Preflighting of PDF documents can be performed:

  • by a user with our desktop tool PDF Studio.
  • by integrating our library jPDFProcess or jPDFPrint within your java application or web-based application in a browser. Printing can be performed without user intervention (silent print).
  • as part of your document workflow with our PDF Automation Server which can automate printing or preflighting document workflows, handling documents from multiple sources concurrently, and routing the documents to be printed or preflighted and more.

We offer jPDFNotes, a component with a graphical user interface to view, print, markup, fill interactive forms and sign PDF documents. This component can be used to review PDF documents before sending them to the printer. It can be integrated within a java application a web-based application in the browser.

We offer multiple Java PDF library products that can be integrated in back-end or front-end applications to enable PDF processing functions such as creating, printing, extracting images from, splitting and merging, securing and signing PDF documents.

All Qoppa Software products are cross-platform and work on all Java-capable operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux.

How can you implement our PDF solutions?

  • You might choose to integrate Qoppa PDF  products into your application.
  • You may decide to offer our products as additional options along with your solution.
  • You may decide to become a Qoppa Software reseller, offering our applications to your customers as an additional valuable contribution of your organization.
  • You may, in fact, choose more than one of these options.

In all cases, Qoppa Software has the solutions to help you integrate PDF functionality into your document management offerings.

This brief description of the full details, samples, and demos available:

  • PDF Solutions – all of our solutions, listed by function and by type
  • Java PDF Libraries – a listing of all of our PDF Libraries and Components, with links to individual pages per library
  • PDF Automation Server – our server application to automate the handling of PDF files in your workflow
  • Desktop Tool PDF Studio – our desktop PDF editor – full featured, easy to use, yet highly affordable

Do not hesitate to contact us with any technical or licensing questions you may have.