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Digital Learning

Qoppa Software’s high quality software tools will help you deliver PDF processing capability to your entire campus!

Many schools today need help in filling the Digital Learning Gap:

Enable digital learning with PDF Studio, our cross-platform desktop PDF editor, for a smooth distribution of information between instructors and students, among students, for administrative use.

Besides savings on paper, ink, toner, printer maintenance, your campus gets additional value:

  • Improved Collaboration among students and faculty
  • Improved Productivity for students, faculty, staff
  • Time Saved from manual processing
  • Better Organization of information
  • Reduced Acquisition and Maintenance of printers & copiers

Qoppa offers a cost effective Campus Wide License to deploy PDF Studio to your entire student population, faculty and staff.

Contact us to request free license keys to evaluate our software, to schedule a demo, or to discuss licensing options.