Integrate an HTML-based Web PDF Viewer & Annotator (Self-hosted)

Web PDF Viewer & Markup for Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Qoppa Software offers multiple ways to display PDF documents on a website, allowing companies to keep full control over how and who they serve documents to over the web. Qoppa’s web PDF solutions are zero footprint, allowing users to read from any browser and any platform including desktop, tablet and mobile.

Deploy an HTML PDF Viewer & Markup with Qoppa PDF Automation Server

This is the easiest solution to deploy as it comes packaged with Qoppa’s own stand-alone server application PDF Automation Server, which can be installed with only a few clicks on your own server. The server includes a PDF Markup Module to view and annotate PDF documents. It comes with an HTML / JavaScript client viewer that works together with the server and can be customized (css, etc…).  In addition to PDF documents, MS Word, Excel and image files are supported through on-the-fly conversion.

Web PDF Viewer / Markup (packaged with PDF Automation Server) Try Live Demo

Feature Highlight:

  • High Performance PDF Viewer
  • Text & Graphical Annotations (typewriter, pencil, note and shapes)
  • Text Markup Annotations
  • Interactive Form Filling
  • Apply / Validate Digital Signatures
  • Redaction Annotation & Burning
  • Windows and Linux Servers Support
  • Can communicate with your own server through REST API
  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE, Edge, and Opera Browser Support

Deploy an HTML PDF Viewer within your own Server

Another solution is to integrate Qoppa’s Java library jPDFWeb to convert PDF documents to HTML within your own J2EE application. Converted documents can then be served to any browser client on any platform. We provide samples for the interaction between the browser and the server. The viewing experience is fully customizable (whole doc as HTML or a page by page viewer). This solution can also convert and serve image files, MS Word & Excel documents (when combined with jOfficeConvert).

Web PDF Viewer (based on jPDFWeb) Try Live Demo

Feature Highlight:

  • High Performance PDF Viewer
  • Rendering of Annotations & Form Fields
  • Rendering of Digital Signatures
  • Windows and Linux Servers Support
  • Use in your own Server
  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE, Edge, and Opera Browser Support
Qoppa’s PDF Technology:

Qoppa Software offers an authentic vector-based PDF to HTML5 conversion so quality is preserved at any scale. Our PDF rendering and conversion technology is robust, efficient and high-fidelity. It has been refined over the last 12 years and is being used by thousands of customers. The server-side components can be deployed on most servers, including Windows, Linux or Unix servers. Read more about why you should choose Qoppa’s products.