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PDF Automation Server FAQ

This is the list of frequently asked questions for PDF Automation Server.

Licensing Questions

How is PDF Automation Server Licensed?

PDF Automation Server is licensed per seat. Each computer / server that the software is installed on needs to have a license.

Please refer to our pricing page for further information.

Technical Questions

What operating systems does PAS run under?

PDF Automation Server is written entirely in Java so that it can run on most major operating systems. PAS can run in Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, AIX, Solaris and any other Unix flavor that has a Sun compliant JVM implementation.

What versions of the PDF format does PAS support?

PAS supports all versions of PDF up to 2.0 (latest version of PDF format).

Is there an API available for PDF Automation Server?

PDF Automation Server is a standalone server application that provides some of the functions available in our Java libraries, but in a server environment. If you are looking for an library / API, please look at our Java libraries.