• jPDFViewer



    Bean to embed in your Java applications and applets to view PDF documents.


jPDFViewer Source Code Samples

Following are a number of Java samples that use jPDFViewer:

SimpleFrame.java – A simple program that embeds jPDFViewer into a JFrame.

PDFViewerApplet.java – A Java applet that can be used to embed jPDFViewer within a webpage. The applet takes a number of parameters from the HTML to load a document on initialization and to turn toolbar buttons on or off.

To run the applet on your server, use the following files:

pdfviewer.html – A simple HTML page that launches the applet.

jPDFViewer.jar – The jar file containing the jPDFViewer component classes.

vsamples.jar – The jar file containing the jPDFViewer samples.

WatermarkViewer.jar – A PDF viewer that adds a watermark on top of the PDF content displayed and printed by jPDFViewer.

Oracle Forms PDF Viewer – Integrate our PDF Viewer in Oracle Forms.

Custom Text Search – The text search dialog and results in jPDFViewer can be customized to fit your needs.  This sample implements a custom text search that can highlight multiple text results at the same time.  This sample is intended to be a starting point to customize to an application’s needs, such as using different colors, using different search rules, etc.

BookmarkViewer.jar – A PDF viewer that adds bookmark functionality to jPDFViewer. This program adds a toolbar button to the jPDFViewer toolbar to manage bookmarks. The program allows users to set bookmarks and to navigate back to them.