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    PDF Automation Server

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PDF Services for Mobile Apps

PDF Services for Mobile Apps

With PDF Automation Server, you can provide PDF functions to your mobile apps, such as PDF conversion for viewing, or to and from other formats, encryption, form data processing and more. PDF Automation Server implements a rich REST API, so that you can easily make calls to it from mobile apps to process your PDF documents.

Deploying PDF functionality in the server means that you can keep control of your PDF documents while providing the widest range of PDF functions.  By deploying the functions on the server, instead of within the mobile app, you have more power and control over your PDF processing and any constraints relating to memory and performance are removed.

Key features and Functions for Mobile Apps

  • Convert PDF documents to HTML5 for display on mobile devices
  • Document conversion to and from PDF, images (TIFF, JPEG, PNG, …) and MS Word
  • Import, export and process PDF form data
  • Store your PDF documents on the server for more access control and security