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    PDF Automation Server

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HTML PDF Markup Module

PDF Automation Server – Web PDF Markup Module

Provide PDF markup capabilities to your end users within your web application. PDF Automation Server can convert PDF documents to HTML so that they can be served directly to browsers for viewing and navigating. It also provides an HTML/JavaScript module that implement a set of markup tools, to let users add and edit annotations on the PDF. On save, the annotation edits are sent back to the server to be merged into the PDF document.

Key Features

  • Convert PDF documents on-the-fly to pure HTML, for viewing on all browsers without any plugins.
  • Interactive markup tools in HTML, for adding and editing annotations in the browser.
  • Functions to merge annotations back into the PDF on the server.
  • Renders annotations, form fields and digital signatures.
  • Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE, Edge, and Opera.
  • Works on desktop, tablets and mobile (Android, iOS).
  • REST API interface to access all server functions.

Follow these links for the User Guide and full REST API Documentation.
Contact us at sales@qoppa.com with any questions about the server or its licensing.