• jPDFNotes



    Bean to embed in your Java applications and applets to annotate PDF documents and fill interactive PDF forms.


jPDFNotes Source Code Samples

Following are a number of Java samples that use jPDFNotes:

jPDFNotes in a standalone frame

SimpleFrame.java – A simple program that embeds jPDFNotes into a JFrame.

jPDFNotes with custom annotation tools – jPDFNotes provides the API to let the host application create custom annotations and add them as tools in the toolbar or drop down menus. This sample does a number of customizations: It adds three buttons to the toolbars that create custom annotations, it adds a custom rubber stamp to the stamp drop down menu, and it sets the color of free text annotations to be always red.

SimpleFrame.java – A simple program that shows a Window with the jPDFNotes componennt inside. The program adds the custom buttons to the toolbar as well as the menu entry to the rubber stamp drop down menu.

MyNotesBean.java – A class that extends PDFNotesBean to override the startEdit() method. In the implementation of the method, if the annotation is a free text annotation, the color is set to red.

jPDFNotes in Oracle Forms – Sample code to integrate our PDF notes taking component and a PDF form filler in Oracle Forms.