• jPDFNotes



    Bean to embed in your Java applications and applets to annotate PDF documents and fill interactive PDF forms.


PDF note taking and form filler in Oracle Forms

Markup and review PDF documents, take notes and fill interactive PDF forms inside Oracle Forms. Below is a sample code showing how to integrate our java bean jPDFNotes in Oracle Forms.

The implementation class of the Bean Item


The methods you can call

Register the bean
This is the very first operation you have to do.
fbean.register_bean(‘BL.BEAN’, 1, ‘oracle.forms.ms.jPDFNoteSimple’);

Add Text
Add text (the document data) in base64 encoding to the bean.
fbean.invoke( ‘BL.BEAN’, 1, ‘addText’,hArgs);

Show the PDF
Show the pdf document which was sent to the bean through the addText component, it also decodes the base64 encoding.
fbean.invoke( ‘BL.BEAN’, 1, ‘showPDF’);

Initialize the save
Initialize the save of the edited PDF document within the bean.
fbean.get_property( ‘BL.BEAN’, 1, ‘InitSave’);

Get part of text form the bean
Get the text of the bean (the document data) back to forms. It is base64 encoded so it can be get in parts of 32k, which is the limit of Oracle Forms PL/SQL varchar2.
fbean.get_property( ‘BL.BEAN’, 1, ‘Chunk’);

The sample dialog

  • Download and unzip oraclepdfnotes.zip file.
  • Download jPDFNotes.jar.
  • Copy the oraclepdfnotes.jar and the jPDFNotes.jar in your /forms/java/ folder
  • Update your /forms/server/formsweb.cfg configuration file:
    archive=frmall.jar, jPDFNotes.jar, oraclepdfnotes.jar
  • Notice that we update the archive tag and not the archive_jini tag because this bean was tested with the Sun Java plug-in 1.6. Open the jpdfnotes.fmb module (Oracle Forms 10.1.2)
  • Compile all and run the module
  • The .jar files oraclepdfnotes.jar and jPDFNotes.jar must be signed with the same certificate.
  • The jar files provided are not signed.

Oracle Forms PDF Editor and Form Filler