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jPDFWeb Source Samples

Following are a number of Java samples that use jPDFWeb to convert PDF files to SVG and HTML5.

ConvertPDFToHTML.java – A program that converts a PDF document to HTML.

ConvertPDFToSVG.java – A simple program that converts a PDF document to SVG.

ConvertPageToSVG.java – A program that converts only the first page of a PDF document to SVG.

jPDFWeb CLI Sample – This sample implements a simple CLI application that can be called from the command line with options to set the input and output files and a page index to convert a single page. This sample can be modified to add additional options.
PDFWebCLI.java – The main CLI program.
JobInfo.java – Class to hold command line options.
CLIException.java – Exception class to handle errors.
Command Line: java -cp myclasspath jPDFWebSamples.cli.PDFWebCLI -input input.pdf -output output.svg

If you are looking for sample source code for a function that you don’t see here, please let us know at support@qoppa.com and we can see if we have some available internally or if we can produce it for you.