Java PDF Library FAQ

Java PDF Library FAQ

This is the list of frequently asked questions for Qoppa’s Java PDF libraries and components. If you don’t find the answer to your question try our developer knowledge base.

Licensing Questions

What is the difference between server license and distribution license?
Our library products pricing has two models according to where the software is running, either on a server, or on clients computers.

You need to purchase a server license if the library is running on a server (one copy of the library serves many users).

You need to purchase distribution license if the library is running on your users’ machines.

What is your policy for support?
Support is included in the annual licensing fee. We try our best to answer all inquiries within 24 hours. If a fix is needed, we are usually able to produce a new build within a few days.

Do you offer eternal license?
We have recently switched our model to yearly license, which includes upgrades, support and server transfers.

Technical Questions

We are seeing a demo version watermark on the output PDFs. How can we resolve this?
The watermark means that the library is running in demo version, you must have the full purchased version. If you have already purchased, contact There may have been changes to your server which invalidated the license info.

What versions of Java does your library support?
All our library products are compiled using Java 8 and are compatible with Java 8 and over. We distribute our end-user application with Java 17, and our server application and library demo application with Java 8, so these are the most reliable version of Java to use with our libraries as they are the most tested.