• jPDFFields



    Work with interactive PDF forms to import, export, set, and get field values.


jPDFFields Source Code Samples

Following are a number of Java samples that use jPDFFields to work with field data in PDF documents:

ExportFDF.java – Simple program that exports field data in FDF format. jPDFFields is also able to export data in XFDF and XDP formats, you can simply switch the export method to use the appropriate output format.

ImportFDF.java – Simple program that imports field data into a PDF document from an FDF file. jPDFFields can also import XDP and XFDF data.

FlattenFields.java – This program will “flatten” field data into the PDF content layer. This means that the field contents will become part of the PDF content and so the document will not be editable anymore.

EchoFields.java – This program loads a PDF document and echoes the field names, and the values of text fields, to the console.