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Mark O. S.
I just wanted to say I’ve had your software now for about a month and it’s been great so far. I used acrobat pro for years and you’re just as good and at a fraction of the price! Cudos for PDF Studio!

Franklin M. P.
It is seldom that you encounter an app that functions so admirably as PDF Studio. It has been a godsend for digitizing documents to get rid of the unbelievable paper clutter. I have seen a criticism that it takes effort to learn. It also takes effort to learn to use a PC – it’s powerful. But, I have found their support to be better than that for any app I have ever used. I enthusiastically recommend PDF Studio Pro (the edition that I have used.)

Walter C., Architect
I just purchased PDF Studio Pro (…) after spending a couple of days extensively trailing a whole bunch of other similar software. I’m an architect and use Acrobat Pro at work on a daily basis but I have to say that your software absolutely blows it out of the water! I have also used Bluebeam PDF software extensively on my previous Windows machine and again PDF Studio outshines it and is in my opinion, much better value for money. PDF Studio Pro runs seamlessly on my Mac and I’m finding the interface/menus intuitive, logical and extremely easy to use. From a functionality viewpoint your software does everything that Acrobat/Bluebeam does but is far simpler and much easier to navigate/operate – I’ve not found any limitations yet. As you probably gathered by now, I am extremely impressed, so thank you for a fine piece of software that is a joy to use.

Gary C.
I just wanted to thank you for creating software that works impeccably. I tried the major OCR software programs for Linux, but they didn’t produce the results I was expecting. I did a search on the Net. Found your trial version. Tried it and BAM! There it is. You guys got it going on. Excellent product! Satisfied customer.

Jean G., University Professor
PDFs are central to academic workflows. The great annotation apps for the iPad have spoiled us, but those of us in the Mac universe have lacked equally powerful desktop software. Believe me, I’ve tried them all. Apple’s own Preview, always poor, was rendered useless in the last update; Adobe is cumbersome and expensive; Skim’s annotations are invisible to other applications; and the cheap knock-off PDF annotators in the app store are clunky and limited. PDF Studio has every annotation type and display option ever invented, plus it’s fast, highly customizable, and plays well with other applications. A great investment!

Alex F. (UK)
Thanks for such a great product. Seriously powerful and it did everything I wanted after struggling for ages with another piece of software. This got me out of a big jam today. I bought the pro version. and within 10 – 15 seconds, the 80 odd files I needed batch processing for were sorted.

Cary W.
Just wanted to give some feedback. The layout and features of this product are excellent. I am normally pretty hard on software makers but this product is pretty damn good. (…) Nice work.

Nicola G.
I wanted to say thank you for your excellent program. PDF Studio is an example of what software should be. PS: I have been using PDF studio since version 4…

Christopher T. (Australia)
Thanks mate, wonderful bloody software, better than Adobe, as it works in x64 Linux and x64 Windows with no fuss. What’s more, you provide the product cheaper than Adobe, with a free trial. Better yet, it just bloody works!

Dave D.
You’re head and shoulders the best annotation package including Adobe. They might have some advanced features you’re missing but they’re just too big, cumbersome, and expensive.

Christina S., Accountant
PDF Studio is excellent, it has been very helpful to us this quarter with preparing taxes for clients as we are a Mac OS X only office. Thanks for writing this software!

Sarah N., Paralegal
We use PDF Studio every day in our office. We need to print daily about 150 PDF files. With PDF Studio, we can do that in a single click! Your software has saved us much time and money, and is very easy to use.

Robert T, Construction – Engineering
Excellent product. We produce pdf documents and this is the best native linux editor we have found.

Pam A., Real Estate Consultant
As a realtor, I cannot live without your app! I scan contracts into PDF documents and often need to tweak the details, merge pages and email the modified contract. So much easier to do this in PDF Studio!

Alain Dietrich, Unix Morale Officer
PDF Studio Pro is a powerful and versatile tool for manipulating and annotating PDFs. The possibility to run it natively on our GNU/Linux platform (which is our platform of choice) is a true blessing! Keep up the good work!!

Chris K., Civil Engineer
Wanted to comment on how great it is to have a nice PDF suite for Linux. The measuring function is one of a kind. I work with intensive commercial building blueprints and PDF Studio is the smoothest PDF software I have ever used.

Bud J., Mortgage Broker
I own PDF Studio and love it. Thank you for such a great product. I tell everyone I know to check your website and products out.

Laurence L.
I have used your product on Mac for some time now. For my new work, I started using it on Windows. I edit or comment on a lot of PDFs and your software is the best I found. I would be lost without it.

Med H.
Thanks! IĀ“m very satisfied about the software. And what a great price compared to the competition šŸ˜‰

Dan F., Travel Agent
I work for a travel agency and often need to manipulate PDF documents to send to customers. With PDF Studio I can simply add text, concatenate multiple documents in one, and even add a cover page.

Keith W.
I find PDF Studio very useful. In the past, I used to archive my documents as scanned JPEG images. Thanks to PDF Studio, I have converted all my files into a few PDF documents with bookmarks acting as an index. Now I can easily access and navigate through my files.

Eric S., Professor Researcher
Great functionality! I use PDF Studio to add links and bookmarks to my research papers and course content.

James G.
I use PDF Studio to merge files in the correct order and automatically add a table of contents on the merged files.

Jack H., Writer
I have bought PDF Studio to replace Acrobat Pro after my Windows XP machine died. I now work on Linux, great! I am a writer and have hundreds of pages to annotate. My clients are using Macs and Windows PCs to review what I’m doing, and the PDF files I edit in PDF Studio always work for them. Thanks for a great product!

Suhail A., Researcher
I am a researcher at the University of Texas. I use PDF Studio and love it. I needed an PDF application that would allow me to annotate, highlight text, and make comments on documents.

Stephen S.
I think PDF Studio is a major replacement for Acrobat Professional.

Albrecht M., Mac User
PDF Studio is very helpful and it is great fun to get more and more used to it.

Ming J., Professor of Mathematics, Peking University
PDF Studio is great PDF editor for Linux. I am able to work 100% in Linux without having to switch to another operating system. Thanks for your nice product. I will recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

Oliver M, Linux User
I am happy with the product, especially as its the only “native” solution for Linux. keep up the good work, and “thank you”.

David O., ATPM Writer
It is versatile, powerful, and affordable, and any near-starving writer will appreciate all three.

Arnaud G., University Admin
One word to say about your product: Awesome. We have it installed on Linux and Mac OS X machines in our lab and it does the job perfectly on both platforms.

Bernadette W., Associate Professor
Thank you! Great application, exactly what I have been looking for.

Gilbert H., Data Extraction Consultant
Greetings Friends! We absolutely LOVE using PDF Studio! We use both the Windows and Mac version, and our affiliate operation in Baltimore also uses the application. We have found Qoppa solution to be an excellent investment.

Eric H., Director of Procurement
Thanks for developing this easy to use and reasonably priced product. This is the perfect replacement to Adobe Acrobat since they no longer have the Standard edition for Mac. There was absolutely no learning curve to PDF Studio, installed in a heartbeat, and I was working on a PDF in less than 15 seconds. I use it to review art and lock PDFs (to prevent any editing) before sending to customers.

Gill J., Architect

Thank you! Great application, exactly what I have been looking for. I just wanted to write and say how fantastic your product is on Linux. I was desperate for a good PDF editor on Linux to read and measure complex railway diagrams for our business as we use Ubuntu. This is such a great product and the measuring tools are easy to calibrate and use. I am also able to easily create and share PDF documents with clients, update properties and add/manage security and document bookmarks effortlessly. Even your online help is ACTUALLY helpful!!

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