Case Study Datraverse: Split Scanned PDF Documents Automatically

Automates Splitting Searchable Scanned PDFs

Company Profile

Datraverse is a small ICT company near Amsterdam, NL that supports organisations in their commitment to sustainability and cost saving while producing and printing electronic documents.

The Technical Challenges

A customer needs to split files that are output from their HP ScanJet into individual pages. The customer scans in a stack of A4 sheets. The OCR scanner outputs a searchable PDF document containing all of the sheets. However, the customer wants a separate searchable PDF file for each page. Unfortunately, the scanner does not have this functionality.

The Solution

Datraverse installed Qoppa PDF Automation Server (PAS) to monitor the directory where the scanner outputs PDFs and automatically split each document as it arrives into a series of single page searchable PDF documents.

The Benefits

Splitting the individual files is now a reliable, automated process requiring no user intervention. PAS detects files saved into the watch directory and performs the split operation. Resulting files can be rerouted to a directory, sent to the printer or exported via FTP or email.” – Datraverse

Product Used

Qoppa PDF Automation Server (PAS) for Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix

Workflow Integration Information