Case Study EFusion Consulting: Print 1099 PDF Forms From Peoplesoft Pension

Print PDF Forms From Peoplesoft Module

Company Profile

eFusion Consulting is a full-service consulting firm, founded in 1999, who specializes in PeopleSoft consulting services.

The Technical Challenges

eFusion Consulting was hired by a client to print 1099-R forms from their PeopleSoft Pension module. At the time, the customer was working with database queries and custom programs to produce the output forms in text format. Customer had to spend considerable time modifying field positions so they would align with the printed forms when sending the output text files to the printer.

The Solution

eFusion Consulting decided to work with Qoppa to investigate the possibility of using the PDF format to achieve better results and to save time and effort.
Together, Qoppa and eFusion Consulting first defined an XML format to export the employee data from the PeopleSoft database. Qoppa then created a 1099-R PDF document with interactive form fields to hold employee data. Finally, Qoppa Software developed a custom program to merge data from the XML file into the PDF document as well as flatten the fields data into the document content to make the form fields uneditable. The technology was based on Qoppa’s jPDFFields product.
With the new PDF based process, the result is a single PDF file that contains all the 1099-R forms that need to be delivered.

The Benefits

Qoppa and eFusion Consulting team work resulted in significant savings in time, resources and overall cost for the client.” – eFusion

Implementing the new process created a number of benefits for eFusion Consulting and its customer. The issue with field alignment was removed completely. The production of data is more streamlined. The data can be easily reviewed for correctness by simply viewing the output document using any PDF reader. If data needs to be corrected, the outptut can be regenerated in a single click, avoiding the need to run the print jobs multiple times. The resulting PDF document can be printed locally or sent to professional printers and is archived electronically for future reference. Additionally, individual 1099-R forms can also be emailed directly to retirees for their own recordkeeping.

Product Used

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