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    qPDF Notes, qPDF Viewer, and the qPDF Toolkit are first‑in‑class in reliability, performance, and usability and deliver the most advanced Android PDF technology available.

qPDF Toolkit Source Code Samples

qPDF Toolkit – Source Code Samples

Create a PDF document – This sample creates a simple PDF document

Add content to a PDF – This sample adds content to an existing document

Add link – This sample adds a hyperlink to a simple PDF Document

Add text to a PDF – This sample adds text to a PDF document, using various fonts and stylings

Annotation added listener – This sample demonstrates how to detect an annotation has been added using QPDFNotesView

Get and set fields – This sample retrieves the values of a form’s fields, demonstrates how to set a field value

Render a PDF page to a bitmap – This sample loads a document and renders one of its pages to a Bitmap object

Signature example – This sample creates a document with a signature field, and signs it using a pfx file

Text wrap – This sample creates demonstrates how to wrap text when adding it to a PDF Document

PDF Viewer – This is an implementation of a PDF viewer that uses the qPDF Toolkit to render the PDF content. This viewer is intended as a starting point in the implementation of a custom viewer, the source code is provided so that it can be customized to meet the needs of the app that uses the functionality. The viewer sample provides basic navigation through drag scrolling, pinch and spread zooming, double buffering of the display and out-of-thread rendering for performance.

Toolbar configuration – This sample removes an existent button and adds a new button to the QPDFNotesView toolbar