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    Qoppa Software offers a suite of carefully designed and developed products to cover every aspect of PDF processes and document workflows.

PDF Viewers to Integrate in Web, Java or Android Applications

Integrate a PDF Viewer

Qoppa Software has developed several PDF viewers that can be easily integrated within web applications, Java applications or Android applications to display and markup PDF documents.

Web PDF Viewer / Markup

Qoppa’s PDF Web viewer is all HTML-based and can be used to render and annotate PDF documents on any browser and any platform, desktop, tablets and mobile. Read about Qoppa’s HTML PDF Viewing & Annotating solutions.

Java PDF Visual Components

Qoppa offers three Java beans (Swing) to embed in your Java or web applications to let your users view PDF documents:
jPDFViewer – View PDF documents
jPDFNotes – View PDF documents, annotate, sign, fill forms
jPDFEditor – View PDF documents, annotate, sign, fill forms, redact and edit content

Android PDF Viewer

qPDF Toolkit – View PDF documents, annotate, sign, fill forms within your Android apps

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