Case Study VisionSoft: Paperless Loan Application Optimized

Optimize Loan Application Process

Company Profile

VisionSoft is a software consulting firm located in California, providing consulting services since 1995 to small, medium and large Fortune 500 companies.

The Technical Challenges

VisionSoft was hired by a financial company that provides funding to small businesses to help simplify the work of their loan agents when filling loan applications. Each application consists of a set of loan documents that is put together from a number of possible forms, depending on the type of loan application. Some of the forms contain the same fields and some fields are calculated. The process of filling the documents one at a time is slow and leads to many data entry errors.

The Solution

VisionSoft developed a simple, easy to use HTML front-end to gather approximately 50 unique fields needed for a loan application. The interface is robust and allows for extensive data validation and data input masking to reduce user errors. VisionSoft also developed back-end server code, based on Qoppa’s jPDFAssemble and jPDFFields products, to receive the data, fill in all the PDF forms with the appropriate fields, flatten the fields into the content, and finally merge all the forms into a single PDF document. Upon completion, loan agents are allowed to review the PDF using their local PDF reader and email the completed document to the company for review and approval..

The Benefits

After evaluating many PDF solutions, VisionSoft selected Qoppa as the vendor of choice to provide a high-performance, reliable and platform-independent solution. The other products that we tried were either incomplete, bug-ridden or had serious performance problems. We found Qoppa libraries to run as much as 10 times faster than their competitors. In addition, Qoppa is highly responsive and provided us with world-class technical support.” says Mark Malamut, VisionSoft.

After implementing the new process, VisionSoft’s customer has seen a substantial increase in revenues due to increased productivity and efficiency. More loan applications can be processed each day. Agents can quickly fill out and email a complete set of loan documents during the interview process using a single HTML form. In addition, there is a dramatic reduction in the number of errors due to extensive input checking, automatic numeric calculations and the automatic filling of the multiple documents.

Products Used

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