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    Manipulate PDF files from your Java applications. This library provides the functionality found in all our other libraries.


jPDFProcess FAQ

jPDFProcess FAQ

This is the list of frequently asked questions for jPDFProcess. If you don’t find the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to ask us at info@qoppa.com or visit our knowledge base.

Licensing Questions

What is the difference between server license and distribution license?

Our library pricing has two models according to where the software is running, either on a server, or on clients computers.

You need to purchase a server license if the library is running on a server (one copy of the library serves many users).

You need to purchase distribution license if the library is running on your user computer. Please contact us for distribution pricing.

What is your policy for annual support-renewal / upgrades?

When you purchase the library, 3 months of free support is included. This is normally enough to get the library integrated into your application and to work out any issues that may come up. Support includes answers to any questions that may come up, priority bug fixes and free upgrades during the 3 month period.

Additionally, we also offer extended support renewable on a yearly basis. The extended support includes the same items as the initial 3 month support and is priced at 22% of the purchase price per year.

Is there an expiry date for the license?

There is no expiration on the license.

Technical Questions

Does your api allow drawing lines, ovals, circles, boxes, text, etc. at 1440 dpi resolution?

Yes, our libraries can draw any content into a PDF, both on new pages or on top of content in existing pages, the two libraries that handle this are jPDFWriter and jPDFProcess. jPDFWriter can only create new documents while jPDFProcess can work with existing PDF files and modify as necessary.

PDF files are resolution independent when it comes to text and shapes (lines, ovals, etc). The PDF file simply stores the command to draw the line or the text which then gets rendered at the printer’s or screen’s resolution. So, if you are using a printer that prints at 1440 dpi, your output will be at 1440 dpi.

Does jPDFProcess optimize (compress) PDF files?

When jPDFProcess creates PDF documents, the output is automatically compressed. jPDFProcess library can read a document, modify it and save, but it will only compress the new content, not the existing content. You may look at our other library jPDFOptimizer.

When we create a PDF using jPDFProcess, the PDF is showing a “Demo Version” watermark. How can we remove the watermark?

The version of the library that you are running is the evaluation version, which is limited to 10 pages and will place a “Demo Version” watermark on every page. To remove the 10 page limit and the watermark, you will need to purchase the version.

Can we add a footer at end of each pdf page using your API?

Yes, you can add any text or graphics to any page in a document using jPDFProcess.

Can we change the page numbers of a PDF document after modifying it with jPDFProcess?

jPDFProcess is not able to modify existing text in a document, but if you know the position of the text, you can draw/fill a rectangle over it in the background color and then add your own page number.

I’m looking for a tool with Java APIs to merge one or more PDFs on the server side. The API should support input PDFs as byte[] and returned the merged PDF as byte[] as well.

Our jPDFProcess library can do what you are looking for. Currently, the API does not work with byte [], but with InputStream and OutputStream. The library can read PDF documents from an InputStream and it can write the merged PDF document to an OutputStream. Using a ByteArrayInputStream and a ByteArrayOutputStream, you can use data in a byte [] to give to the library and get the byte [] out of the ByteArrayOutput stream when getting the output.

Can I use jPDFProcess to print PDF files?

Yes, in addition to creating and modifying PDF files, jPDFProcess can also print them. If you are only interested in sending PDF documents to the printer, you should look at another one of our products, jPDFPrint, that handles printing only.