• jPDFNotes



    Bean to embed in your Java applications and applets to annotate PDF documents and fill interactive PDF forms.




This is the list of frequently asked questions for jPDFNotes. If you don’t find the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to ask us at info@qoppa.com or visit our knowledge base.

Licensing Questions

What is your policy for annual support-renewal / upgrades?

When you purchase the library, 3 months of free support is included. This is normally enough to get the library integrated into your application and to work out any issues that may come up. Support includes answers to any questions that may come up, priority bug fixes and free upgrades during the 3 month period.

Additionally, we also offer extended support renewable on a yearly basis. The extended support includes the same items as the initial 3 month support and is priced at 22% of the purchase price per year.

Is there an expiry date for the license?

There is no expiration on the license.

Technical Questions

Are the annotations created using jPDFNotes visible with other PDF viewers?

Yes. The annotations created by jPDFNotes adhere to the standard format for annotations within PDF files, so any compliant viewer, including the standard Acrobat Reader, is able to display the annotations.

Can I save the modified PDF files to a web server or database server?

Yes. jPDFNotes allows the host application to override the save function so that the application can have custom code to save the modified PDF file to any other location or to a server.

What version of Acrobat PDF does jPDFNotes support?

jPDFNotes supports all PDF file versions up to the latest version version 2.0.

What type of fonts does jPDFNotes support?

jPDFNotes supports all fonts supported by PDF. This includes Type 0 (CID Fonts), Type 1, Type1C, Type 3 and TrueType.

Is the toolbar configurable? Can I hide or disable buttons on the toolbar?

Yes, the toolbar is completely configurable. Either the whole toolbar can be made visible/invisible and each of the individual buttons can be accessed directly.

Assuming that your bean is called pdfNotesBean, to hide the toolbar:

pdfNotesBean.getToolbar().setVisible (false);

To hide the print button:

pdfNotesBean.getToolbar().getjbPrint().setVisible (false);

To hide the open button:

pdfNotesBean.getToolbar().getjbOpen().setVisible (false);

Please look at the API documentation for more details.

Can jPDFNotes be used in a web application?

jPDFNotes can be used inside a Java applet, however browsers are discontinuing support for applets. e suggest you look at our Web PDF Reader & Annotator that comes with Qoppa’s PDF Automation Server instead.