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    Qoppa Software offers a suite of carefully designed and developed products to cover every aspect of PDF processes and document workflows.

Document Viewer and Markup for Oracle Webcenter

Superior Document Viewer and Markup for Webcenter

Qoppa IPM Desktop is a user friendly, robust and affordable document viewer and markup application that connects directly to your Oracle® Webcenter Content Imaging repository. Documents can be opened directly from the server and after adding or modifying annotations, saved straight back to the server.

Qoppa IPM Desktop goes far beyond the Oracle Standard or Advanced Viewer packaged with Webcenter Content Imaging to provide a more efficient, stable and feature rich user experience.  IPM Desktop uses Qoppa’s PDF technology to display PDF documents accurately and efficiently, and supports all other document types supported by Oracle Webcenter Content Imaging.

Qoppa IPM Desktop addresses the shortcomings of the Oracle Standard and Advanced Viewers by providing a more stable and intuitive user experience.  This allows your end users to be more productive and to work with your server more efficiently.

Main Features

  • Connects directly to your Oracle Webcenter Content Imaging server to retrieve and save documents
  • Robust, stable and accurate document viewer
  • Full featured, user friendly dekstop application
  • Built in PDF rendering to provide accurate views and efficient navigation of PDF documents
  • Works on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and Unix
  • Works with all document type supported by Webcenter Content Imaging
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