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    qPDF Notes, qPDF Viewer, and the qPDF Toolkit are first‑in‑class in reliability, performance, and usability and deliver the most advanced Android PDF technology available.

qPDF Toolkit Form

qPDF Toolkit Form

We use different licensing depending on the app, how the PDF functionality is used and how it is deployed.

Please fill out the following questions about the Android app that you are building and we will get back to you with pricing information.

Full Name:
Email Address:

Will the app be sold on the markets for a price or for free?
If the app is free, will it produce revenue in some other way? i.e. by selling content?
Is the app part of a larger system, like a document management system?
Is it meant for internal deployment where the end users are known?
Please detail what PDF functionality will be used:
Any other information about each app and its deployment would be helpful: