jPDFPrint Pricing

jPDFPrint Pricing

jPDFPrint Licenses - jPDFPrint is licensed based on the number of “CPU-Pairs” that the library will run on. A CPU-Pair is 2 physical CPUs on the same server or 1 dual-core CPU, we count physical CPUs the same as CPU Cores. Each jPDFPrint license allows the library to run on one CPU-Pair.

CPU based licenses are intended for deployment of jPDFPrint on well known servers, with the library running on the servers. If you intend to distribute jPDFPrint in an application or applet, or are interested in site or enterprise licensing, please contact us at

To purchase using a credit card, please use the form below. To purchase using checks or bank / wire transfers, please send us a purchase order to or by fax at US 678-253-0192.

Description Amount
jPDFPrint CPU-Pair License(s)
1 Year – Upgrades And Support (22% / year)
By purchasing a license, you agree to the terms of our license agreement.

If you have any questions about licensing or if you have a special situation, please let us know at and we will come up with a licensing scheme that will work for you.

Pricing Schedule: Licenses start at at $500 per CPU-Pair, and are discounted with volume:

Number Of Licenses Price
1-4 Licenses $500 per License
5-9 Licenses $425 per License
10+ Licenses $375 per License