PDF Document Nodes

PDF Document nodes are standard processing nodes that perform various modifications / conversions to PDF documents.

Processing nodes are designated with a Grey Rectangle shape:

PDF Document Nodes

Add Content - Add text or image content to a PDF document

Document Info - Add or edit the document information of a PDF file

Extract Attachments - Extract attachments from PDF documents

Extract Barcode Data - Extracts Barcode data from PDF documents

Extract Images -  Extract all images stored within PDF document

Extract Table Data - Extract table data from PDF to CSV or comma delimited formats

Fix Scan - Fix alignment and rotation issues on scanned documents

Imposition - Create industry standard imposition layouts including: including: 2, 4, & 8 up booklets; cut stacks; sequential, step and repeat

OCR -  Add text to scanned documents or images

Optimize - Reduce the file size of PDF documents

Print PDF - Send PDF document to the printer

PDF Text to Variable - create variables from text content stored within the PDF

XML to XMP Metadata - Imports XML data into PDF document XMP metadata

XMP Metdata to XML - Exports PDF document XMP metadata to XML


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