Extract Images Node

The Extract Images node searches for any image stored in a PDF document and then extracts it using the specified settings. Each image is extracted separately and sent as individual messages in the flow.


General Settings

Format - The image format used when extracting the images from the PDF

JPEG - lossy compression that will slightly reduce image quality and size

PNG - Lossless compression does not reduce quality

TIFF - Lossless compression does not reduce quality

GIF - Lossless compression format for image files that does not reduce quality

DPI Resolution – Choose the desired resolution in DPI used to render the page. 72 is the PDF native resolution. When selecting a DPI it's best to follow the below guidelines

Black-and-white documents

    • Lowest acceptable resolution = 200 DPI (equal to “high” fax quality)
    • Conventional resolution = 300 DPI
    • Highest conventional resolution = 600 DPI

Color documents (and color compression)

    • Lowest acceptable resolution = 150 DPI
    • Conventional resolution = 200 DPI
    • Highest conventional resolution = 300 DPI
    • Archive resolution = 600 DPI



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