Fix Scan Node

The Fix Scan Node allows you to perform various repair functions on scanned documents. This is useful if you do not have access to the original document or scanner to rescan and fix alignment or size issues.


General Settings

Auto deskew images - When checked, if the document’s text/images are slanting too far in one direction or is misaligned, PDF Studio will attempt to auto-rotate the document so that the alignment is corrected.

Reduce Noise - This filter reduces light noise in an image. It tries to move each pixel closer in value to its neighbors. As it only has a small effect, you may need to apply it several times. This is good for removing small levels of noise from an image but does give the image some fuzziness.

Despeckle - This filter smooths areas in which noise is noticeable while leaving complex areas untouched. The effect is that grain or other noise is reduced without severely affecting edges.


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