Extract Table Data Node

The Extract Table Data Node Node allows you to extract table content data from a PDF to CSV or Comma Delimited text files. You will first need to set the areas or region to extract the table data from a template PDF document. Once set, as the documents are processed the table data file will replace the payload file. 


Creating Table Data Extraction Locations

To set the regions in a PDF you will need to launch the Extract Table Data tool and select a template document to use as a reference to create the location to extract the table data. The template document is for reference only.

  1. Click on "Select Template PDF" to launch the file chooser
  2. Select the PDF document you would like to use as your template document
    • Note: For best results the template must be exactly the same as the documents that will be processed through the flow.
  3. Use the document preview window to create the area to extract table data
  4. Drag the cursor over the area you wish to extract table data from.
    • Note: only a single area can be used for the Table Data extraction node
  5. Once you have completed created all areas click on OK to close the dialog and finish


General Settings

Output Format - choose to have the extracted table data output in one of the following formats


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