PAS Manager Console

The PAS Manager is the graphical interface that connects to the PAS server. Once connected it can be used to create WorkflowsREST API and edit Server Settings.


Use the menu on the left side of the PAS Manager Console to access each of the following panels:


The primary informational dashboard for the console providing a quick look at server load, process statuses and recent events.


Use the Workflow Module to automate your business and document workflows with an easy to use graphical interface. Design and build complex automation flowcharts that easily integrates into 3rd party services. Advanced logic tools allow automatic document routing to different outputs. Multiple inputs into single flow prevents duplicate work for the same process. Easily scales to fit future processing needs.


Use the REST API Module to integrate PDF processing into your own and 3rd party applications. PDF Automation Server provides a complete set of PDF processing and conversion functions that can be accessed through standard REST calls. By providing a RESTful API interface, you can orchestrate PDF processing with your applications and other web services, to be able to provide end-to-end handling of documents.


Access to server preferences including General Settings, REST Settings, Office Conversion Settings & License

Connect to Server

Used to Connecting to PAS Server. Make sure the QoppaPAS Service is started before attempting to connect.


Exits the PAS Manager - Leaving the server process running.



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