Integrate PDF processing into your own and 3rd party applications. PDF Automation Server provides a complete set of PDF processing and conversion functions that can be accessed through standard REST calls. By providing a RESTful API interface, you can orchestrate PDF processing with your applications and other web services, to be able to provide end-to-end handling of documents.

What is REST?

REST is based on the HTTP protocol and is a simple way to provide services over the web. Since it is widely supported, REST integrates easily with existing workflows and processes. It can be called from any language (.NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Python, jQuery) and any platform (Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine) that supports REST.

What PDF Processing functions are supported?

How to Access the REST Module?

The REST server is automatically started as a part of the PAS service. The rest module runs as a part of the PAS service. Once the PAS service is running (see Getting Started) open a browser and navigate to the address below to view the REST module including APIs and HTML Viewer / Notes samples.

Note: Make sure that the fire wall settings on the server are not blocking the "QoppaPAS" process or the port being used by PAS (default 8090). See REST Settings to determine your Rest server IP and Port.


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