Starting QoppaPAS Service

The PDF Automation Server runs as a service on Windows, and as a daemon on other operating systems. By default, the server will use port 8093 to communicate with the PAS Manager. In order to run the server on a different port, stop the server and modify HttpPort attribute (HttpsPort for secured server) in the PASProp.xml settings file. The PASProp.xml is located in the directories below based on your OS.

Note: The server must be stopped to edit the PASProp.xml settings file. Any edits to this file while the server is running will be overwritten when the server restarts.


During installation, there is an option to run the QoppaPAS service automatically on startup. This can be modified later in the Windows Service Manager Console, as well as start and stop the QoppaPAS service. Additionally, there is a command-line executable in the installation folder named QoppaPAS.exe that allows you to start, stop, and get the status of the QoppaPAS service.

Usage: QoppaPAS.exe {-start|-stop|-status}

Note: In Windows, due to permissions issues, you will need to run the command line shell (cmd) as administrator to stop and start QoppaPAS.


During installation, the start/stop script for the QoppaPAS daemon is copied to the installation folder.

Usage: sudo service QoppaPAS {start|stop|status}

What's Next?

Once the server has been started you can begin working with the PAS Manager Console to start processing documents for your needs.


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