General Settings

The General settings are where you set the email, CMYK and Log settings settings to be used by the server.

To view the General Settings: Go to Preferences Panel > General Tab


Flow Settings

Flow Threads - The number of threads on the server to be used for flow processing. This setting is applied immediately and does not require a server restart.


Outgoing Email Settings

Outgoing Mail Server - outgoing mail server address

From E-mail Address - the name that will be displayed in the "From:" field to the recipients that receive the email

SMTP Port: SMTP port for the email server


Server Information

Protocol - the connection protocol to use for the email server

Complete this section if your SMTP server requires additional authentication

User Name - user name needed to login to the STMP server

Password - password needed to login for the user name set above

TLS/SSL - check this box if your server requires TLS or SSL encryption


CMYK Settings

Use custom CMYK profile - check this option to use the custom CMYK profile set in the below option instead of the PAS defaults

CMYK file - enter the complete file path to the location of the CMYK file on the server.

Note: This directory is local to where the server is running not the PAS Manager and so the file path must follow the format set by the OS of the server.


Log Settings

Keep Records (days) - Number of days log records will be kept in the database.  Records older than the specified number of days will be automatically deleted.

Delete Interval (hours) - The interval at which log records older than the specified number of days will be automatically deleted.


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