Digital Signatures

PDF Studio supports both adding a digital signature field to a PDF or applying digital signatures to existing fields. Digital Signatures are a way of authenticating the contents of a document. A document with a valid signature is guaranteed not to have been changed since being signed.

Create Digital Signature Fields : Create new unsigned digital signature fields

Modify Digital Signature Fields : Modify existing field including clearing, moving, and properties

Apply Digital Signatures : How to apply digital signatures to a document

Create Self-Signed Digital IDs : Creating digital IDs within PDF Studio to be used when signing documents

Import Digital IDs : Importing an existing or third-party digital ID to be used when signing documents

Digital Signature Options : Options available when digitally signing a PDF

Digital Signature Appearance : Appearance settings when applying a digital signature

Validate Digital Signatures : How to validate a digital signature

Trust Digital Signatures: How to add a digital signature to your trusted certificates

Manage Trusted Certificates: Manage the trusted certificate options

Manage Digital IDs : Create, edit, and remove digital IDs

Manage Timestamp Servers : Manage the timestamp servers that are used when digitally signing PDFs


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