Importing Digital IDs

In order to sign documents, you must first have a digital ID. If you have an existing digital ID either exported from another application or from a third-party Certificate Authority, it can be imported directly into PDF Studio to be used when signing documents. PDF Studio supports importing digital IDs in either .pfx or .p12 formats.

When using a digital ID from a third-party certificate authority there is no need to first send your digital certificate to your recipients because the OS will usually be able to validate the certificate from third-party vendors.

How to Import a Digital ID

  1. Access the Add Digital ID dialog using one of the methods below
  2. Select Import my existing digital ID from a file and click Next
  3. Click on Browse to open the file dialog and locate the digital ID you wish to use
  4. Enter the password for the selected digital ID file and click Next
  5. Some digital ID files may contain more than one digital ID and the following page will display a list of digital IDs that will be imported. Click on Finish to complete importing the digital ID.
  6. The imported ID will be added to PDF Studio's list of IDs and can now be used when Applying Digital Signatures