Content Editing

The Content Editing tool allows you to edit existing content within a PDF. You can change the characteristics of text or content as well as move and delete image content as well.

Note: Annotations are not a part of the PDF content and so these cannot be edited by the Content Editing tool. To edit annotations see Editing Annotations.

Content that can be edited:

Only specific types of PDF content can be edited. Follow the links below on how to edit each type of content.

Text Content: Edit text contained within the PDF

Image Content: Edit images contained within the PDF

Path Content: Edit other objects which include lines and shapes within the PDF

Shade Content: Edit shade and gradient objects within the PDF

Using the Content Editing Tool

  1. Activate the tool by clicking on the Edit Content button
  2. Then click or drag an area with the mouse to select the desired content. Once selected, content can be moved, edited, or deleted.
  3. To exit the selection mode, simply click on the hand tool or Esc on the keyboard.

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