Editing Path Content

Path content is are lines and shape objects within the PDF. Paths are two-dimensional shapes created using a set of points to generate lines or shapes. Paths can be used to create anything from shapes and dividers to even text and images. The Content editing tool is capable of editing paths that are a part of the PDF. Paths can be moved, edited, or deleted using the content editing tool.

How to Edit Path Content

  1. Activate the tool by clicking on the Edit Content button on the Toolbar
  2. Then click or drag an area with the mouse to select the desired content. Once selected, content can be edited, moved or deleted following the instructions below.
  3. Once complete, to exit Content Editing mode, simply click on the hand tool or Esc on the keyboard

Move or Edit Properties

Move or Edit the path by doing the following

Path Content Properties

Path Content contain the following property settings:

Fill Color: the fill color of the path

Stroke Color: the border color of the path

Border Width: the width of the border line of the path

Cut, Copy, & Paste Path Content

Cut or Copy path by doing the following

Remove Path Content

Delete the path by pressing the Del key or right-click on the path (CTRL + Click on Mac) and choose Delete in the context menu.