Editing Image Content

The Content editing tool is capable of editing images that are a part of the PDF. Images can be moved, deleted, or redacted using the content editing tool. The content editing tool can also change the compression, color space, and DPI of individual images within the document. Images from within the PDF can also be saved directly to your computer by using Save As which will allow you to choose a location to save the image to.

Note: Not all images displayed in a PDF are actually image content. In some cases the images may actually be many path objects combined together to form an image. Image content that is a path will not function the same and have limited editing abilities.

How to Edit Image Content

  1. Activate the tool by clicking on the Edit Content button on the Toolbar
  2. Then click or drag an area with the mouse to select the desired content. Once selected, content can be edited, moved or deleted following the instructions below.
  3. Once complete, to exit Content Editing mode, simply click on the hand tool or Esc on the keyboard

Move or Edit Properties

Move or Edit the image by doing the following

Image Content Properties

Image Content contains the following property settings:

Color space: displays the color format details of the image

Compression type: displays the image compression format used for the image

DPI Resolution: displays the DPI (dots per inch) of the image

Dimensions: the dimensions of the image in pixels

Size: the file size of just the selected image

Edit Image Options

The following options are available when editing the image.

Compression: Convert any image to either a JPEG, JPEG2000, FLATE, or JBIG2.

JPEG - lossy compression that will reduce image quality and size

JPEG2000 - less lossy compression that will reduce size and some quality

FLATE - Lossless compression does not reduce quality but may not always reduce file size

JBIG2 - Lossless compression that can only support black and white color space. Color images will be converted to black and white. Best for scanned documents with no images

Quality: Allows the image quality to be adjusted between 10-100%.

This will only affect JPEG or JPEG2000 images as these are the only formats that support image quality settings.

Color Space: Choose to either retain or convert the image colors to Grayscale or B&W.

Grayscale - Only supported with JPEG, JPEG2000, or FLATE. Best for full color images

B&W - Only supported by FLATE or JBIG2. Best for scanned documents with no images

DPI: Adjust the image resolution of all images that are larger than the option selected

Preset options include retain, 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, & 600 DPI

Custom option allows user to set any value between 50-1200 DPI

Cut, Copy, & Paste Image Content

Cut or Copy image by doing the following

Remove Image Content

Delete or Redact image by doing the following

Note: The Redact option in Content editing functions exactly the same as using the PDF Redaction and will completely remove the selected image and replace it with a black bar.

Save Images

  1. Select the image you wish to save to your computer and right-click (CTRL + Click on Mac) on the image and choose Save As.
  2. Select the location on your computer where you would like to save the image, choose a file name and an image format then click Save.
  3. Once complete, to exit Content Editing mode, simply click on the hand tool or Esc on the keyboard

You can use the Export All Images tool to save all the images within the document to your computer at once.