Editing Text Content

The Content editing tool is capable of editing text that is a part of the PDF. Text can be moved, edited, deleted, or redacted using the content editing tool.

Note: Not all text displayed in a PDF is considered text content. In some cases the text may actually be an image or even path objects. Text content that is either a path or image will not function the same and have limited editing abilities.

How to Edit Text Content

  1. Activate the tool by clicking on the Edit Content button on the Toolbar
  2. Then click or drag an area with the mouse to select the desired content. Once selected, content can be edited, moved or deleted following the instructions below.
  3. Once complete, to exit Content Editing mode, simply click on the hand tool or Esc on the keyboard

Move or Edit Properties

Move or Edit the text by doing the following

Text Content Properties

Text Content contains the following property settings:

Font – choose a new font for the selected text from the list

Note: When choosing a font only  fonts that are embedded in the document can be selected. In addition, if the font is subsetted not all of the font characters may be available and may show up as either an incorrect or missing character when editing the text.

Text Color – change the color of the text

Outline Color – add or adjust the outline of the text

Text Size – edit the font size

Outline Width – increase or decrease the width of the outline

Character Spacing – increase the space between each letter

Horizontal Scaling – increase or decrease the spacing between each letter

Word Spacing – increase the space between each word

Baseline Offset – move line of text above or below the surrounding text; create super- or sub-scripts

Text – change the wording of the text

Cut, Copy, & Paste Text Content

Cut or Copy text by doing the following

Remove Text Content

Delete or Redact text by doing the following

Note: The Redact option in Content editing functions exactly the same as using the PDF Redaction and will completely remove the selected text and replace it with a black bar.