XML to Variable Node

The XML to Variable node allows you to extract specific XML node data into workflow variables using XPath expressions. XPath (XML Path Language) is a query language for selecting and processing XML data. XPath includes over 200 built-in functions, and include functions for string values, numeric values, booleans, date and time comparison, node manipulation, sequence manipulation, and much more.


General Settings

XPath: The XPath expression/query to run on the XML document in the message contents.

Variable Name: The name of the variable to be created

Type: PAS currently supports the following user defined data types for variables

Format: Sets the default format for the variable. The format can also be set dynamically at output time using Variable Formatting

Required: Sets whether a value is required in the variable to continue the flow. When set to true if no variable is created on this node it will trigger Trouble Handling. When set to false and no value is found it will pass through an empty string. 


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