Variable Formatting

Variables that require formatting can be formatted using the variable functions. 

Note: At RUNTIME if PAS attempts to write out a file or create a directory it checks to make sure it does not contain any invalid characters (i.e. |?:* etc...). If it does, all invalid characters will be replaced with an underscore "_"


How to Apply formatting

By default variables will be resolved using the default formatting that is defined when creating the variable. However, additional formatting can be applied later in the flow by using the Format variable function. 

  1. Place the cursor in any text field at the location you wish to apply formatting
    • Note: You can also highlight entire text to replace on insert as well
  2. Click on the ƒ(x) button next to the field to launch the variable / function insert tool
  3. On the second "Functions" tab use the search and select the Format function for the variable type being formatted and click Insert
  4. The preformated function will be inserted into the field.
  5. Then replace the template $[myVar] text with the variable you wish to be formatted. 



Below are some formatting examples for each data type:


A string representing the formatted number




A portion of the string argument, depending on if the boolean argument is true or false




A string representing the formatted date




Formatting Options


0 = digit placeholder (000 = 001)

# = digit no placeholder (### = 1)

. = decimal separator (#.# = 0.5)

, = grouping separator (#,### = 1,000)


yy = two-digit year

yyyy = four-digit year

m = month (1-12)

mm = two-digit month (01-12)

mmm = three letter month abbreviation (01=Jan)

mmmm = full month name (01=January)

d = day of month (1-31)

dd = two-digit day of month (01 - 31)

H = hours (1-23)

HH = two digit hour (00 - 23) (AM/PM NOT allowed)

M = minutes (0-59)

MM = two digit minute (00 - 59)

s = seconds (0-59)

ss = two digit second (00 - 59)

h = hour (0 - 12 | 12-hour AM/PM format)

hh = two digit hour (00 - 12 | 12-hour AM/PM format)

tt = AM/PM based on the time

zz = time zone (Pacific Daylight Time = PDT)

zzzz = time zone (Pacific Daylight Time)



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