Function nodes

Function nodes provide additional advanced processing tools for workflows. These nodes provide functionality such as variables & logic routing, debugging and custom Java nodes.

Function nodes are designated with a Yellow Parallelogram shape:

Function Nodes


ANT Task - Runs an ANT task process

Command Line - Make command line or terminal calls to the server

Create Variables - Create workflow variables

HTTP Request - Make HTTP requests and process the responses

Java - Create custom node function using Java

JSON to XML - Converts JSON data to XML format

Logger - Log message details for debugging

Logic - Automatically route the workflow message based on variable arguments

Replicate - Duplicate the message contents to send along 2 separate paths of the flow

Unzip Payload - Unzip the contents of the message payload

XML Extract - Extract data from XML

XML to JSON - Converts XML data to JSON format

XML to Variable -Extract XML data and set as variable

Zip Payload - Zip or compress contents of the message payload



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