Workflow Editor Toolbar

The Workflow Toolbar is located at the top of the workflow editor window. Use these tools when creating & editing your workflows.



The following tools are available in the Workflow Editor


 Save: Save the current workflow.


 Print: Prints the current workflow

 Snapshot Tool: Used to save a portion of the graph as an image the your clipboard.


 Zoom Out: Zoom out to view the graph smaller.

 Zoom To/Current Zoom: Displays the current zoom value. You can also select a preset zoom percentage or type in the field for a custom zoom value.

 Zoom In: Zoom in to view the graph larger.

 Zoom Tool: Zooms to a selected area within the graph. Click and drag to select the rectangle area you wish to zoom to.

 Pan and Zoom:  Toggles the Full Graph View panel (lower left corner under the Node Palette). A window showing the portion of the graph currently on screen. Drag the box to adjust the view on the main graph.

Graph View

 Actual Size: Displays the document with a 1:1 ratio to match how the document would look if printed without any scaling.

 Fit to Width: Scales the view to fit the width of the document in the PDF Studio frame.

 Fit to Page: Scales the view to fit the entire  document within the PDF Studio frame.


 Delete: Deletes the selected node


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