PDF Pages Nodes

PDF Pages nodes are standard processing nodes that perform various modifications to pages in PDF documents.

Processing nodes are designated with a Grey Rectangle shape:

PDF Pages Nodes

Crop Pages - Adjust the crop box, bleed box, trim box, and art box on PDF documents

Delete Pages - Delete or remove specified pages from PDF documents

Extract Pages - Extract the specified pages from a PDF document to be processed

Header & Footer - Apply headers and/or footers to PDF documents

Insert Pages - Insert pages into the specified PDF document

Resize Pages - Scale pages so that the content better fits the page or increase borders and margins

Reverse Pages - Automatically reverses the order of the pages within a PDF

Rotate Pages - Rotate the specified pages within the PDF document

Split Pages - Split PDF documents in a variety of ways including: blank pages, bookmarks, before & after text

Split by Barcode- Splits a PDF document at the specified barcode

Watermark - Apply text or image watermarks to PDF documents


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