Split by Barcode Node

The Split by Barcode node allows you to split a PDF document into separate groups of pages based on various supported barcode formats. For example, this can be usefull when processing individual parts of a mortgage application that need to be sent to different departments for processing.


General Settings

Barcode Format - Select the barcode format to be recognized. Only one barcode type can be recognized per node. The following barcode formats are supported:

DPI - The DPI to use when converting the document pages to be scanned for barcodes. The DPI value does not alter the original document and is only used to set the quality of the image being sent to the barcode engine. From our testing, a resolution of 300 DPI produces the best results. To improve performance, you can try using a lower DPI setting but it may reduce accuracy.

Split: Choose to split the document Before or After the barcode when found


Defines how the document will be searched for barcodes. 

Entire Page - Search the document page by page and split on any barcode found.

Selected Area - Search the document page by page and split only if a barcode is found in the specified area of the page.



Separate Files: send an individual message payload for each split of the document created

Single zip file: send all created document split files packaged in a single zip file to the message payload

File name pattern: Enter a filename for the files added to the zip archive. Each name will have the document page number appended to the name entered in this field. Variables may also be used to further distinguish each of the file separations.



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