Crop Pages Node

The Crop Pages node can adjust the crop box, bleed box, trim box, and art box on PDF documents. Documents may be cropped using the cropping dialog or the cropping tool. Units can be specified in inches, points, centimeters or millimeters. Cropping can be applied to a single page, a range of pages, or all pages.


General Settings


All Pages: all pages in the document

Page Range: set custom range of pages if needed using values separated by commas. For example, to print only pages 2 to 4 & 6 to 12 & 20 of a 30 page document enter “2-4, 6-12, 20″. Documents using Page Labels will require the exact page label to be entered (i.e. iv, v, etc...)

First Page: the first page of the document

Last Page: the last page of the document

Subset: Subset of the currently set page range to print. Choose from the below options

Crop Settings

Crop box – the region to which the contents of the page are to be or cropped when displayed or printed.

Bleed box – the bounds to which the contents of the page should be clipped when output in a production environment.

Trim box – the intended dimensions of the finished page after trimming.

Art box – the extent of the page’s meaningful content (including potential white space) as intended by the document creator.


Units - Select the measurement unit for the crop margins in either Inches, Points, Centimeters, or Millimeters

Top - The distance of the margin from the top

Bottom - The distance of the margin from the bottom

Left - The distance of the margin from the left

Right - The distance of the margin from the right


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