The Jobs List

The Jobs List panel displays a list of jobs on the server as well as their current status. It also has buttons to manage and create new jobs.


Job Options

New: Starts the New Job Wizard to create a new automation job

Edit: Opens the job properties to begin Editing a Job

Note: Jobs can only be edited when not actively running.

Start/Stop: Starts or Stops the selected job on the server

Delete: Deletes the selected job from the server

Note: Jobs can only be deleted when not actively running.


There are four types of statuses, each associated with an icon that will be displayed next to each of the jobs.

Active: The job is currently active and watching the folders for files to process

Inactive: The job is currently stopped and not running

Processing: The job is currently processing files

Incomplete: One or more of the job settings are currently incorrect and need to be corrected before the job can be started. See Editing a Job for more information.


This is the name of the XML file used to store the job information. This name must be completely unique to all other job IDs on the server. It is possible to use the operating system to change the file name when the server is not running. Never attempt this while the server is running the job.

Note: After changing the file name the server must be restarted in order for PAS to pick up the new ID.


A descriptive name set for the job either when creating or editing the task


Displays the actual job type that was selected when it was created


Indicates whether the job is started manually or automatically when the server is started or restarted.

Manual: If the server is started or restarted you will need to manually start the job again in order for it to run

Automatic: The job will automatically attempt to start the job anytime the server is started or restarted

Note: If set to automatic and you have not carefully tested the job information, then you may see unpredictable results the next time this job is reloaded.

Start Time

Displays the date and time of when the job was started


Displays the number of files that have been processed since the job was originally created.


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