Getting Started with jPDFViewer

To start using jPDF Viewer, simply launch and open a PDF document using the Open button on the toolbar. Once a document is loaded, you can print or navigate through the document at any time using the toolbar.

The Toolbar

The Toolbar is located at the top of the jPDF Viewer window. The toolbar is where you will find all of the most commonly used functions in jPDF Viewer.


Panes are where you will find additional tools or information on the current document. These panes can be resized by clicking and dragging the edge of the pane. Pane can also be completed closed by either clicking the "x" on the top right of the pane, using the toggle buttons on the left of the jPDF Viewer window.

Details of each of the panels are listed below.

Left Pane

The left pane can show one of four different views. The views can be toggled by their respective buttons on the left side of the screen. The following views are available:

Bottom Pane

The Comments view in the bottom pane shows any comments / annotations in the document. Navigate to a specific comment by selecting it in the list.

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