Comments Panel

The comments panel displays a list of all comments within the PDF document grouped by page. It provides an easy way to view and navigate comments within the document. The icon next to each comment will be displayed in the same color as the annotation displayed on the page.

Accessing the Comments Panel

View the comments panel by clicking the  comments button in the top right corner of PDF Studio. From this panel, you can view, search, and modify all the comments in the document.

The mouse is primarily used to navigate the comments panel. Clicking on any of the annotations listed will navigate the document to where the annotation is located on the page and select the current annotation. The following keyboard shortcuts can be used as well to navigate the comments panel.

Comments Panel Toolbar

The following options are available at the top of the comments panel.

Expand: Expands the comment tree to show all pages and review markups

Collapse: Collapses the tree to only show the page folders

Status : Marks the selected annotation with a review status. See Setting Status or Check Marks

Properties: Opens the properties for the selected annotation(s)

Mark with Check Mark: Marks the selected annotation with a check mark. See Setting Status or Check Marks

Delete: Deletes the selected comment

 Search: Enter text and press Enter to search for the text within the annotation comments

Previous Search Result: Goes to the previous search result

Next Search Result: Goes to the next search result

 Filter: Allows you to filter out comments based on the following properties. Check the properties you wish to be shown and all annotations that do not have a property matching the selection will be hidden in the comments pane and on the page.

 Options: Contains additional comment panel options


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