Selecting Text

Click on the Select text icon on the toolbar, then drag the mouse to select the desired objects. When right-clicking on the mouse (Mac: Ctrl + Click), a menu will appear giving you the choice to copy the text to the clipboard; highlight, underline, cross out, squiggly underline, or replace the selected text; or insert new text after the selection.

Note: When copying text PDF Studio will preserve Font, Color, Size, Bold & Italic properties of the selected text.

To exit the selection mode, simply click on the hand tool or Esc on the keyboard.


Rectangular Text Selection

For rectangular text selection, hold down Ctrl (Command for OSX) while dragging the mouse.  The cursor will change to to indicate that a different selection mode is active.


Text Selection Options

 Copy to Clipboard - copies the selected text to the OS clipboard

Paste - pastes any text currently stored in the OS clipboard into the document

Markup Tools

 Highlight Text - highlights the selected text

 Underline Text - underlines the selected text

 Cross Out Text - adds cross out to selected text

 Replace Text - adds replace text markup to selected text


  Search Google for... - performs a Google search with the selected text




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