Getting Started with PDF Studio Viewer

To start using PDF Studio Viewer, simply launch the application and open a PDF document using the Welcome Screen, by going to File Tab > Open, or the using Open button on the toolbar. Once a document is loaded, you can being navigating, editing, printing, or saving the document as you wish.

Top Toolbar

The main Toolbar is located at the top of the PDF Studio Viewer window. Use the ribbon tabs to navigate between each set of tools available in PDF Studio. The Office Style Ribbon Toolbar is the default layout and where you will find all of the functions in PDF Studio Viewer. If you wish, you can switch to the Classic Toolbar in Toolbar Preferences.

Document View Area

The main center frame is used to display documents. By default documents are displayed using the tabbed interface to view multiple PDFs at once. Each new PDF that is opened will open in a in the same application frame only in a new tab. The tab names display the name of the PDF document opened in that tab and you can switch between the tabs by clicking the nameof the file you wish to view. 

To disable the tabbed document view go to General Preferences

Welcome Screen

The Welcome Screen is located in the main frame of PDF Studio Viewer and is only displayed when no document is currently open. The welcome screen allows you to quickly open recent new files or access the user guide and knowledge base.


Panes are where you will find additional tools or information on the current document. These pane can be resized by clicking and dragging the edge of the pane. Pane can also be completed closed by either clicking the "x" on the top right of the pane or using the toggle buttons on the left of the PDF Studio Viewer window.

Details of each of the panels are listed below.

Left Pane

The left pane can show one of four different views. The views can be toggled by their respective buttons on the left side of the screen, or from the View menu. The following views are available:

Pages Pane – view miniature versions of all the pages in the documents. Click a thumbnail to go to that page.  

Bookmarks Pane – view bookmarks or the document's table of contents, if present. Bookmarks allow navigation through bookmarked regions.

Destinations Pane - view  PDF Destinations

Attachments Pane - view files that have been attached to the PDF document, if any.

Layers Pane – view PDF Layers contained in the document, if any. You can toggle layers by checking them on or off.

Signatures Pane – view digital signatures that have been applied to the document

 Permissions - view document security that has been applied to the document

Right Pane

 Comments Pane - shows any comments / annotations in the document. Navigate to a specific comment by selecting it in the list.

 My Comments Toolchest - shows frequently used and saved comments. Click on any of the comments to quickly reuse a previous or saved annotation with just a single click.


Bottom Toolbar

The bottom toolbar contains basic document information as well as the navigation and page view options for the document.

Page Information

Page Size: The size of the current page in view

Cursor Coordinates: The current X & Y location on the page of the cursor using the units set in Preferences


 First Page: Navigates to the first page of the document.

 Previous Page: Navigates to the previous page in the document.

Page Number: Displays the current page being viewed and the total number of pages. Type a number into the field and press "Enter" to navigate directly to that page. Documents using Page Labels will require the exact page label to be entered (i.e. iv, v, etc...)

 Next Page: Navigates to the next page in the document.

 Last Page: Navigates to the Last page in the document.

 Previous View: Navigates to the last view within the document.

Next View: Navigates to the next view within the document.

Page Fit

 Single: Displays only a single individual page at a time

Single Continuous: Displays all of the document's pages in a single column that can be continuously scrolled

Facing: Displays only two pages at a time side by side with odd pages on the left and even pages on the right

 Facing Continuous: Displays all of the documents pages in two columns with odd pages on the left and even pages on the right

 Zoom Out: Zoom out to view the content smaller.

Zoom To/Current Zoom: Displays the current zoom value. You can also select a preset zoom percentage or type in the field for a custom zoom value.

 Zoom In: Zoom in to view the content larger.



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